Best Personal Assistant in Dubai: How to Find Them

There are many ways you can hire some of the best personal assistant in Dubai, but that means you have to look at the right places. So where exactly do you begin searching?

Post a Job Ad

The usual way and what most traditional companies do is to post a job ad on some of the most popular job sites. Depending on their requirement or plan, these companies can actually use several job sites not just local ones because they think they can attract more applicants if they do it this way. This can be a good way to have the best applicants apply for the personal assistant job but it can also be very expensive since you need to place a fee for every job ad you post on these job sites. Also, you can only choose to run them at a certain time before you actually need to pay again for the post. However, the up side of this approach is that you can have access to a job site that most people in your country is going to or visiting. And when you have that much traffic going to one website, you can be sure that people are seeing your ad and you can have really good resumes for the shortlist.


Use Personal Assistant Service

For the more unconventional approach of finding a personal assistant, you may want to consider using a personal assistant service. This type of company or agency is usually one that dispatches PAs on demand from their clients. So not all employers are required to hire the PA as a full-time staff. Some look for PAs in these types of services because they just need someone to fill in for a regular employee, or to handle some tasks for a company event. There are also companies that hire a PA for a fixed number of months for a specific project and when that project is done, the PAs contract also ends.

Another great advantage of getting PAs from a personal assistant service company is that you can actually have good, experienced, and skilled workers working for you but not needing the benefits and tedious paperwork that would be required when hiring regular staff. Most of the companies that want to save, cut their expenses, or don’t really need a regular staff go for this type of hiring process because it is much easier, faster, and cheaper then going through the regular process of hiring where you need to post a job ad. Most of the PAs in personal assistant service companies can also work online so they are Virtual PAs who can be working on a different country and doing the back-end tasks for you for a cheaper price than most of the labor you can get if you were to do it at your location.

So these are the two different way you can find the best personal assistant in Dubai. Depending on your needs, choose the best approach for you and good luck with your search!


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